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November 27, 1841

John Bidwell had set out on November 21 for Sutter’s rancho on the Sacramento in the company of two other men.  I’ve been trying to find out who his companions were, but Bidwell doesn’t give their names in any of … Continue reading

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November 21, 1841

“Started for Capt. Sutter’s on the 21st and arrived there on the 28th. This place is situated nearly due N. of Marsh’s, on the Sacramento river, and about 75 miles. We were received by Capt. Sutter with great kindness, and … Continue reading

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November 17, 1841

John Bidwell spent November 17, 1841 in jail. At the order of Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, who wanted to know what the heck these Americans were doing in Mexico, John Marsh had gone to San Jose to explain the matter and … Continue reading

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What became of James John?

The same day that John Bidwell and the rest of the company arrived at Marsh’s ranch, Jimmy John arrived at Sutter’s Fort. He had become separated from the rest of the party in the Sierras two weeks earlier. He and … Continue reading

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November 10, 1841

“I went to R. Livermore’s, which is about 20 miles from Marsh’s, nearly W[est]; he has a Spanish wife and is surrounded by 5 or 6 Spanish families.” John Bidwell was eager to explore the California landscape and find out … Continue reading

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November 8, 1841

John Bidwell stayed at Marsh’s rancho, while fifteen of the company went to “the pueblo of St. Joseph” (San Jose) to look for work. Bidwell wanted to pump Marsh for more information about California and its resources, as well as … Continue reading

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November 4, 1841

“Thursday, 4th. Left the river in good season and departing gradually from its timber came into large marshes of bulrushes. We saw large herds of elk and wild horses grazing upon the plain. . . . Finally we arrived at … Continue reading

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November 3, 1841

“Wednesday, 3d. We waited till Capt. B. came up, and all started for Marsh’s about noon; arrived at the St. Joaquin and crossed it — distance 13 miles — found an abundance of grass here. The timber was white oak, … Continue reading

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November 2, 1841

“Tuesday, 2nd.  Capt. B. with his 7 remained to take care of the meat he had killed — while the rest of the Company went on. We passed some beautiful grapes, sweet and pleasant.  . .  Behold! This morning Jones, … Continue reading

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November 1, 1841

“November. Monday, 1st. The Company tarried to kill game; an abundance of wild fowl and 13 deer and antelopes were brought in. My breakfast, this morning, formed a striking contrast with that of yesterday which was the lights of a … Continue reading

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