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Sarah Pellet’s Philanthropic Scheme

According to the Butte Record for December 23, 1854, Sarah Pellet had a brilliant plan for promoting temperance among the California miners. Five thousand young ladies! Miss Pellet certainly did not think small. The same item was also reported in … Continue reading

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Sarah Pellet in the Mining Camps

Sarah Pellet came to Bidwell Bar to lecture in the Fall of 1855. The Butte Record of November 3rd noted her plans for a tour of mining camps: Miss Pellett delivered a lecture at the Court House in Bidwell, on … Continue reading

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A Sketch of California Life in the Waverley Magazine, 1856

After reading the article on Chico in the Waverley Magazine, Nelson Blake wrote “I don’t understand it and await an explanation from you.” I don’t know if he ever got his explanation from John Bidwell, since Bidwell’s letters to Blake … Continue reading

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Adventures in Research

Last month I went to the California State Library to look at the Sutter’s Fort Pioneer Collection, which contains a file of John Bidwell material. In it was one letter from E. Nelson Blake, a Massachusetts man who had worked … Continue reading

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Major Bidwell and the Lady Reporter

Last Monday (Jan. 22) Nick Anderson and I presented our historical program to SIRs, Bidwell Branch 110, at the invitation of past “Big Sir” Keith Johnson. (SIRs is an organization for retired men who like to get together for a … Continue reading

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Sarah Pellet in California

In Gold Rush California, Miss Sarah Pellet was an item of interest, receiving considerable attention from the newspapers. The first notice of her arrival, in the Sacramento Daily Union of September 20, 1854, stated: Miss Sarah Pellet, a graduate of … Continue reading

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Sarah Pellet, Lady Reformer

I haven’t been able to find a picture of Sarah Pellet. I wish I had one to show you, because I wonder what she looked like. Newspaper reports sometimes refer to her as “fair” (as in “the fair lecturer”), but … Continue reading

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Duel in Downieville, and the Woman Who Caused It

But not for the reason you might think. Miss Sarah Pellet came to California in the autumn of 1854 to lecture on temperance, women’s rights, and political reform. A female lecturer was a rarity anywhere, but especially in California, and … Continue reading

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Bear Story

While searching old newspapers online looking for something else (isn’t that always the way), I came across this entertaining story in the Butte Record of December 23, 1854. Bear Story The little town of Hamilton, a few evenings since, was … Continue reading

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More Shameless Book Promotion

  My picture book biographies, Nancy Kelsey Comes over the Mountain and John and Annie Bidwell: The Long and the Short of It, are both available on Amazon. But I need to some reviews! If you have bought or read … Continue reading

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