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Christmas at Bidwell Mansion

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Bidwell Mansion. BMA elves were busy decorating last week with new old-fashioned holiday decor. December is a wonderful time to visit the Mansion, and a great place to take your out-of-town … Continue reading

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Nugget, Nugget, Who’s Got the Nugget?

I just found out where James Marshall’s gold nugget is today. Along with many other great American artifacts, like Lincoln’s top hat and the Star-Spangled Banner, it is in the National Museum of American History, part of the Smithsonian Institution. … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Joseph Chiles?

John Bartleson took a look around California, decided it wasn’t for him, and left the next year to return to Missouri. Joseph Chiles took a look around California, and decided it was for him, and also returned the next year … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered why we have a Vallombrosa Avenue in Chico? “Vallombrosa” is the name that John and Annie Bidwell gave to the strip of land running along either side of Big Chico Creek. It was a landscape that … Continue reading

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What Ever Became of John Bartleson?

The first emigrant train to California has been called the Bartleson Party, the Bartleson-Bidwell Party, and the Bidwell-Bartleson Party, after its captain, John Bartleson, and its most prominent member, John Bidwell. Bidwell rose to fame and influence in California, but … Continue reading

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What Next?

So now we have gotten John Bidwell to California in November of 1841. On the 1st they arrived on the Central Valley floor, where they found an abundance of game–good eating at last!–and by November 4th the company was at … Continue reading

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California At Last!

From John Bidwell’s trail journal: November. Monday, 1st. The Company tarried to kill game; an abundance of wild fowl and 13 deer and antelopes were brought in. My breakfast, this morning, formed a striking contrast with that of yesterday which … Continue reading

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