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Hydraulic Mining

Here you have a cartoon showing a fat “Sacramento Farmer” beating down the poor “Hydraulic Miner” with his club of “Unreasonable Prejudice.” Uncle Sam is about to step in, saying, “See here, Rusticus, drop that [word lost in the gutter] … Continue reading

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The First Pioneer Child Born in California

Ann Gregson Reid wrote or dictated her memories for the Golden Jubilee edition of the San Francisco Call, January 23, 1898. She had seen fifty years of California history.  Here is her memoir: Being the first white child born in … Continue reading

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The Man in the Red Flannel Shirt

Who doesn’t love a picture of a miner, a gold prospector, a forty-niner? Here he is, on the cover of the Wasp for October 17, 1891, in his red flannel shirt, blue Levis, tall brown boots, and broad-brimmed hat. Those … Continue reading

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Bidwell and the Bear Flag

  What did John Bidwell think of the Bear Flag Revolt and the famous Bear Flag raised at Sonoma? Not much, if you asked him, and more than one person did ask. He mentions it briefly in “Fremont in the … Continue reading

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How to Write a Constitution, According to the Wasp

More cartoons! 1889 was the year that North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, and Montana all were admitted to the Union. And here we have those four fair ladies, sitting down to write their state constitutions. Columbia, on the right, is … Continue reading

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A Scandalous Saga of Cartoons

The Wasp delighted in lampooning the Sharon trial in cartoons. There were far more than it is worth showing here. So — one more cartoon, probably the last, showing what the principal players would look like if the trial dragged … Continue reading

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Allie and Judge Sullivan

“The trial of Althea’s divorce suit began in March of 1884, without a jury, before Judge Jeremiah Sullivan of the superior court of San Francisco. It continued, off and on, until September. In court, Althea told her story with a … Continue reading

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