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Bidwell’s Gold Discovery

John Bidwell learned of Marshall’s gold discovery at Coloma shortly after Marshall showed his gold samples to John Sutter. Sutter asked Bidwell to take a sample to San Francisco, which he did, probably in early February 1848, being the first … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know John and Annie?

Just for fun, here’s a little quiz about John and Annie Bidwell: 1.  John Bidwell came to California in: A) 1841    B) 1845    C)  1848 2.  John Bidwell called this man “the meanest man in California.”  He was referring to: … Continue reading

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How much was $600 worth in 1847?

When Lt. William T. Sherman met John Bidwell in 1847, Bidwell was searching for a runaway horse that had $600 in its saddlebags. This was money Bidwell had earned during a summer of surveying land for various people in 1847. … Continue reading

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First Meeting: John Bidwell and William Tecumseh Sherman

John Bidwell spent much of the 1840’s in California surveying land and mapping land grants for other men. It was during one of his surveying trips in 1847 that he met future Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman, he of … Continue reading

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Bidwell Discovers Home

“Hastening up the valley, we struck the trail of the Oregon company, on what is now known as Chico Creek, Rancho Chico, and to me one of the loveliest of places. The plains were covered with scattered groves of spreading … Continue reading

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Bidwell Learns of the Gold Discovery

John Bidwell was still doing occasional work for Sutter, but at the time of Marshall’s gold discovery in Coloma he was near Chico, building a log cabin, surveying some land, and digging an irrigation ditch. In August of 1845 he … Continue reading

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