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September 19, 1841 — Lost in the Desert

Sunday, 19th. This morning I met 3 men who were coming to bring me water, etc. Arrived at camp; they journeyed yesterday about 17 miles, did not travel today. This entry doesn’t tell much. The company is camped at a … Continue reading

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Thomes and Toomes — part 2

Let’s find out about Robert Hasty Thomes. He was born in Cumberland County, Maine in 1817, a direct descendant of Mayflower pilgrims. He started his westward journey as a young man and in 1839 he joined the Bidwell-Bartleson Party in … Continue reading

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Rancho Rio de los Molinos

This Week in California History (an ever-useful site, maintained by Jim Silverman) tells me that December 20th, 1844, is the date on which Rancho Rio de los Molinos, a 22,172-acre Mexican land grant in present day Tehama County was deeded. … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day with John and Annie

The Bidwells typically spent New Year’s Day making and receiving visits, as was the custom in their day. Very often they were in San Francisco on January 1. Here is an entry from Bidwell’s diary for 1879: Wednesday, January l. … Continue reading

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