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John and Annie Bidwell Video

If you are interested in the Bidwells — especially if you are a 3rd or 4th grade teacher doing Butte County or California history — don’t forget that I have a read-aloud YouTube video of my book John and Annie … Continue reading

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Dorsey the Canine Mail Carrier

I concentrate on stories of northern California, and this isn’t one, but who can resist a good dog story? It’s the story of Dorsey, a dog who carried the mail in the mining camps of San Bernardino County. Dorsey was … Continue reading

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“Now is the time for making money”

Ann Eliza Brannan’s letter to her sister in September 1848 is a snapshot of life in California at the beginning of the Gold Rush. She was the wife of Sam Brannan, early pioneer and entrepreneur. They had come to San … Continue reading

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The Torturous Road to Freedom

I wanted to know more about Alvin A. Coffey than I could find online, so I sought out this book about his life: The Torturous Road to Freedom: The Life of Alvin Aaron Coffey, by Jeannette Molson and Eual D. … Continue reading

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