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A Verse for Leap Year Day

Once upon a time, when the rules of courtship were strict, and a woman could only wait for a man to get a clue and propose marriage, tradition had it that during a leap year a woman could propose to … Continue reading

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The Story of So-Wil-Len-No Avenue

I was reminded this afternoon by Sandy Hill that I never followed up on the origin of the name of So-Wil-Len-No Avenue, which she asked about in a comment. The background is interesting, and worth knowing for any Chicoan who … Continue reading

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A Little More about Nicolaus Allgeier

I have written before about Nicolaus Allgeier, for whom the town of Nicolaus was named. His first employer in California, John Sutter, assigned him to run a ferry on the Feather River. John Bidwell often stopped at his place in … Continue reading

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Where Is/Was Bidwell Avenue?

Take a look at the section labeled NUMBER 3. It’s at the top of the map. That’s where I live, on Bidwell Ave. The Bidwell Ave. on this old map runs from Lindo Channel to the County Road (now Bell … Continue reading

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More about the Rancho Chico Map

This map has the name “B. Cussick, Agt” near the bottom. The name helps date the map. So who was B. Cussick? Bernard Cussick, known as Barney, was born in New York state in 1848. In 1876 he came to … Continue reading

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Rancho Chico Map

On my recent trip to the Bancroft Library I looked at this “Map Showing the Subdivisions of the John Bidwell Rancho,” which is in the Bidwell Family papers there.  I don’t think Meriam Library has a copy of this, or … Continue reading

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Another Place to Buy the Books

My two books, John and Annie Bidwell: The Long and the Short of It and John Bidwell: The Adventurous Life of a California Pioneer, are now available at My Girlfriend’s Closet in Paradise. You can get other titles from local … Continue reading

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How Indians saved the life of Gen. Bidwell

I was looking through a carton of Annie Bidwell’s papers at the Bancroft Library and came across the following story. It is a typewritten sheet, not dated. I assume it was dictated by Annie, since she always referred to her … Continue reading

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