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A Penmanship Copybook

A nice example of a penmanship copybook¬† is in the Pioneer Collection at the California State Library. The Pioneer Collection consists mostly of letters and oddments that don’t fit into other collections, or don’t rate their own separate collection. This … Continue reading

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“To the Hombre in Charge at Bidwell’s”

I went to the California State Library today. Here’s a little item from the John Bidwell Papers, which I find amusing: It reads: Lassen’s Ranch May 24, 1851 To the hombre in charge at Bidwell’s you will please deliver to … Continue reading

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Who Was Humboldt and Why Are There So Many Things Named After Him?

California has a Humboldt County and so does Nevada. There is a Humboldt River and a¬†Humboldt Bay and a Humboldt Current. At least eight towns in the United States are named for Humboldt. And then there is the Humboldt Wagon … Continue reading

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The Last Stage Stop on the Humboldt Road

I got to take a tour up the old Humboldt Road today, thanks to Dave Nopel and the Chico History Museum (and Respect the Walls and the Chico Heritage Association.) I had been along parts of it before (much of … Continue reading

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