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December, 1841

John Bidwell and his two friends arrived at Sutter’s establishment on November 28th, 1841. There they were given a hearty welcome by John Augustus Sutter, a German-born adventurer who had been granted a vast tract of land by the Mexican … Continue reading

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Bidwell and Sutter

“Sutter was a man who treated everybody well, especially strangers. He had unbounded confidence in other men–in fact, too much, at times. Everyone was welcome at his table, and at his fort. . . He treated me with great consideration, … Continue reading

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A Long and Curious Journey

Arriving at Fort Ross in January 1842, John Bidwell undoubtedly found it cold, wet, and windy. But he went right to work, overseeing the job of packing and shipping every useful item at the Russian settlement to Sutter. “Sutter bought … Continue reading

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“Everybody goes to Sutter’s”

It seems that in 1841 California, Sutter’s establishment was like Rick’s Cafe Americaine in Casablanca. “Nearly everybody who came to California made it a point to reach Sutter’s Fort. Sutter was one of the most liberal and hospitable of men. … Continue reading

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