September 14, 1841

Tuesday, 14th. Traveled about 25 miles and stopped about 9 o’clock at night, in the middle of a dry plain, destitute of water.

They were able to get water during the day, but couldn’t find any at the end of the day. Jimmy John noted:

We started early this morning. Passed a number of good springs. Took dinner at one of them. We traveled on the border of the salt plain until night.

By dinner he means their mid-day meal. Wagon trains typically stopped in the middle of the day for two or three hours — they called it “nooning” — to eat a meal and give their animals time to rest and graze.

Daniel Jenks “The dessert” [i.e. desert]

This drawing by Daniel Jenks shows the Nevada desert as Jenks saw it when he traveled the California Trail in 1859.

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